“Here’s Your Assignment Contract For 10-Hour Wholesaling”


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Before you download your assignment contract

Here are all the things that you will NOT be doing as a 10-Hour Wholesaler:

  • No expensive marketing campaigns
  • No hunting for deals – driving for dollars, bandit signs, newspaper ads
  • No need to actually see houses in person
  • No negotiating or talking directly with sellers
  • No dealing with repair estimates and contractors
  • No earnest money deposits

You completely bypass ALL that!

Your First Step: Download your assignment contract here

Then, watch the quick-start video. You’ll discover the simple 3-step process to 10-Hour Wholesaling (and much MUCH more).

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PS – If you’re been struggling to find good deals in today’s market, you’re not alone. REO’s, HUDs, banked owned inventory has dried up.

With 10-Hour Wholesaling, this will never be an issue again.

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“How to Build Your Cash Buyer And Wholesaler Lists Using These (Free) Craigslist Templates”


Hey, I have an awesome resource for you to download today.

===>  Your “10-Hour Wholesaling” Craigslist Lead-Getting Templates

All you have to do is copy-and-paste these templates to start building your Cash Buyer and Wholesaler lists.

Wondering what the heck 10-Hour Wholesaling is?

It’s a new way to flip houses that:

  • Gives you an endless amount of inventory
  • Drastically reduces your hours spent working
  • Has ZERO marketing costs
  • Allows you the freedom to do what you want, when & where you want

The traditional way to flip a house is NOT the way of the New Wealthy. Sure, you can see some success… but it can be extremely time consuming and cost thousands of dollars up-front.

Enter: 10-Hour Wholesaling

This is the easiest and fastest way that I know to close your first (or next) deal.

To learn more about 10-Hour Wholesaling & Download Your Templates, CLICK HERE… or click the image below:

Craigslist Templates








Happy 10-Hour Wholesaling! 🙂


PS – After you download your Craigslist Templates, pay close attention to the quick-start video.